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Yoruba Actor Funsho Adeolu Beautiful Wife



Here we have Nigerian film actor, director and producer, Funsho Adeolu adorable wife. Funsho Adeolu adorable wife Victoria is an On-Air-Personality in the entertainment industry.

in this recent interview, Funsho Adeolu said he meet his wife at Zeb Ejiro’s office, “Then she worked behind the camera. We started as friends and here we are today. We have been married for 11 years”

Victoria speaks about how the lovely actor proposes to him, she said: There wasn’t what you would call a formal proposal because we already knew where we were headed. He had always called me his wife, therefore, marriage was more or less a settled issue between us.

What made you accept him as your husband?

Victoria: I really can’t tell. My husband is a very nice person. He is also humble and gentle. There
was no way I could have minded getting married to someone in the limelight. At the time we met, he was not as popular as he is now. Besides, I was in the industry and  I knew a lot. Even then I knew he was an actor but I was not too conversant with his roles in movies.