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Sanwo Olu Claims Nobody Died at Lekki Toll Gate Shooting



Sanwo Olu

The Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo Olu says that no death was recorded at the Lekki toll gate shooting.

He made this statement on National TV while addressing the state, he said:

“We have not recorded any fatalities as against the widespread speculations on social media on the Lekki toll gate incident”.

TIME OF GIST recall that men with army uniform stormed Lekki Toll Gate and opened fire at the unarmed and peaceful protesters who were reciting Nigeria’ National Anthem, leaving 9 persons dead and many injured.

This morning, the governor took to his Twitter page to give updates on the victims of the shooting, he tweets:

There are currently 10 patients at the Gen Hospital, 11 at Reddington and 4 at Vedic; with mild to moderate levels of injuries while 2 are receiving intensive medical care.

3 patients have been discharged & we will continue to monitor and ensure all patients get the best care.

According to making around on social media,