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Watch The Moment Nigerian Soldier Assaulted a Lady at an ATM Stand in Lagos



A Nigerian lady, identified as Ada-Oma has narrated how a Nigerian soldier assaulted her at an ATM stand in Oshodi, Lagos.

According to her, she was on the queue when the soldier requested to jump queue. She availed him the opportunity but kept enquiring if he was on the queue.

The soldier who was infuriated by her questions flared up and physically assaulted her with his belt. She added that he also threatened her life. Read what see wrote below:

Hello Nigerians,
I was just assaulted by an army official this morning 26/10/2020 at the ATM stand of @UBAGroup at their oshodi branch. I’m still shaking and crying as I write this because I have never felt this way in my entire life.
I’m also scared writing this because he Threatened me. so my Life is your hands Nigerians.

I was on the ATM queue and this @NigerianArmy official asked me to move so he can pass, i asked him if he was on the queue that there is a queue, he asked me to move, I moved and continued asking him if he was on the queue, he flared up as you will see in the video below, and before I knew what happened he brought out his belt and hit me.

@UBAGroup This happened at your branch in oshodi and your security men were there.
He hit me!!!!! I literally cried my way to the office. I never insulted him.

I Only asked if he was on the queue and he got angry and furious and violent. He threatened to make me bleed blood, in my own country because I asked if he was on the queue. I want justice.

Watch the videos below: