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Woman Whose Son Died In The Lekki Shootings Speaks



The mother of one of the victims of the Lekki shooting has spoken up about her son death at Lekki.

The woman who is claiming to be the mother of Anthony Okechukwu, a young man who died in the Lekki shootings has spoken up to counter the claims that no one died.

Shortly after peaceful protesters were shot at on October 20, 2020, pictures started flying around a young man named Anthony Okechukwu, who died in the shootings.

A woman claiming to be Anthony’s mother has now spoken out from her base outside Nigeria. She said she found out about her son’s death online when she saw his photo being circulated.

She explained that she called her other son who is in Russia and he confirmed to her that her son Mmazuo Anthony Okechukwu, 23, died from gunshot wounds.

The mother thanked her son’s friends who stayed with the body.

She said: “First of all, I want to thank his friends who picked him up from when he was shot.

“If it wasn’t for his friends, maybe the soldiers who picked up other corpses would have picked him up and say nobody died.

“Those children saw when Anthony was running with gunshot wounds, they stayed with him.”

She then called out the Nigerian government for claiming no one died.

She said: “I cannot fathom what happened. A lot of our children, a lot of our youths, killed. And you lot have the effrontery to come out and look everybody, the whole world, to say nobody died.

“May death befall all of you.”

She revealed that her son’s body is now in a mortuary in Lagos.

Watch the video below: