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The Blind Orphan



Patience Ozokwor

A woman Chogwu (Patience Ozokwor), who is a friend to a very poor woman, Unekwu (Joyce Kalu) has been jealousy of her friend’s daughter who always came first in the class.

Chogwu accused friend’s daughter of sleeping with teacher in School after she realize she got a scholarship. Chogwu (Patience Ozokwor) is asking Unekwu (Joyce Kalu) to pay the money she borrowed from her, to train her daughter to school.

Unekwu (Joyce Kalu) decided to sell his late husband landed property to repay Chogwu (Patience Ozokwor) debt, but Chogwu (Patience Ozokwor) as been a mission to ensure his friend doesn’t succeed.

Check out how the drama plays out: