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The Jealous Housewife

by Sesan Onabanwo

Olivia(Ruth Kadri) who is a working-class woman does not have the chance for the husband, Toby(Wole Ojo). Her house does all the cooking and house for the husband, Toby, and the family.

Ruth Kadri’s mother, Ruby (Maureen Okpoko) who loves to jump around with different men has a close relationship with Toby, Olivia’s (Ruth Kadri) husband.

When Ruth Kadri’s mother, Ruby decided to spend some time in her daughter’s house, she started to make life uncomfortable for her daughter Olivia (Ruth Kadri).

See the game plays out between Olivia’s husband, Toby (Wole Ojo), and Ruth Kadri mother’s Ruby (Maureen Okpoko)

This drama features, Ruth Kadri Ruth Kadiri is an award-winning Nigerian actress, scriptwriter, and film producer. She is the CEO/Founder of Ruth Kadiri Films.

Maureen Okpoko is a Nigerian actress. In 2016, she was nominated for Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

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