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Bad Gang



Bad Gang

Parents should be careful with the kind of life they live, Cassandra(Uche Nwofuna), beautiful girl who was sent to the university to study turns to a hire slay queen who sleeps around with rich men.

Flex(Shawn Faqua), a yahoo boy who usually links up Cassandra (Uche Nwofuna), lives with Martins(James Smart) who is very serious with his study.

Cassandra’s roommates Nancy( Deborah Anugwa) and Uriel( Becky Eloho) who are fresher are not comfortable with Cassandra(Uche Nwofuna) lifestyle.

Check out how Cassandra’s (Uche Nwofuna) and (Shawn Faqua) games play out with their friends.

This drama features, Uche Nwaefuna, a fast-rising Nollywood actress, a model, and entrepreneur.