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Meet Comedian Yemi Elesho, Son of Veteran Actor Adewale Elesho Son



Adewale Elesho and Yemi Elesho

We present to you comedian Yemi Elesho who is the son of veteran actor Adewale Elesho.

Adeyemi Adeoye Elesho who is popularly well known as Yemi Elesho, He is a comedian, Mc and skit maker with over 580,000 followers on Instagram.

In a recent interview, Yemi Elesho reveals that he didn’t get to know him until he was 16.

When asked: What were the challenges you faced at the early stages of your career?

There were a lot of challenges that I can’t even start talking about. My dad and I just became friends in recent years. I didn’t get to know him until I was 16. It seems when there is a striking resemblance between a particular child and the parents, there is a possibility that such child and the parents would tend to always have misunderstandings. I guess that’s an explanation for why my dad and I were always at loggerheads. He never wanted me to go into entertainment or acting but the fact was that it was in my blood to act. At a point, I decided to leave acting and try something entirely different. My father wanted me to study law and I decided to give law a shot, but it wasn’t just my thing.

How has life been as a son of Elesho?

It’s been cool and quite easy as the name of my father has been paving the way for me even in places I couldn’t imagine. His name made a lot of opportunities come easy. At the same time, I have my father to thank for building such a name which his children are proud of today. To the glory of God, his name has really helped me.