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Meet Look Alike Daughter of Regina Chuwku

Meet Chiamaka Nwafor, the daughter of Regina Chinedu Chuwku popularly known as Regina Chuwku.

In a recent interview, Regina Chuwku recounts her journey while she was pregnant with her daughter was a smooth one but her birth came with stress and worries. She narrated that they had fears she might need a wheelchair when she grows up but she is grateful to God that he daughter healed and she is perfect now.

Read what she said below:

“The 5th of April 19yrs ago came like every normal day but before midday, contraction has started but cos I have heard enough tale abt contractions nd delivery I didnt move an inch from my house until it became unbearable.”

“Got to the hospital and I delivered like the Hebrew women, but I noticed somethings but wasn’t so sure as the baby was taken away almost immediately, while they were cleaning me up all I wanted was to see my baby again, so aa soon as I got into the ward, I rushed to open the cloth they used in wrapping her, it was mixed feelings.”

“One of my fears/confusion was her skin colour when I saw her in the delivery room, her colour was like a baby brought out from mud (claymud) her head long nd I was like, watin I born o 😂 so you can imagine my joy when I saw a very beautiful, clear skin baby ( dont blame me, i was a new mum) now what made me cry???”

“Now the second thing I noticed in the delivery room was that,one of her legs wasn’t looking normal (how do I explain this o) like it wasn’t relaxed like the other leg and she let out a terrible cry as a nurse tried to straighten or so I thought, to be sure it wasn’t my imagination I checked and behold one leg was on the bed and the other was on her chest 😭warrin be this, I tried relaxing the leg and she screamed out of pain, by then her father and my mum’s friend came and was congratulating me, distracted but my mind was still on what I noticed.”

“We left hospital for home, when my mum came I tried to explain to her and she said her already told her and I am like so she noticed Nd she never mentioned it to me, so mummy what can be done o, she said let’s watch her for the next few days to see what will happen, few days my mother in-law land, and she saw it too and became worried that night as she was bathing her we discussed it and later on as I was dressing her up my late husband came into our room and said something that made be broke down totally (the man get bad mouth) he said and I quote “take this pikin back go meet that doctor make una know watin una do my daughter as you see me so I no get money for Wheelbarrow” (wheelchair) I looked at him with tears rushing down my eyes and he just walked out … his mother heard what he said and I told her I need to go to the hospital o, that same night we took her to the hospital and the doctor advice we massages her leg every morning and night, she will cry o but we need to be doing it so that night I prayed begged God to pls help me🙏.”

“I told my mum what Sunday said and he said it again and everyone around started laughing 🤷🏻‍♀️ mummy said he doesn’t mean it that way but me i wasn’t taking any of that, he sa later apologized nd we started D massage thingy her cries broke my heart severally I begged them to stop but when I remember WHEELBARROW I just maintain 🤣 2 weeks into it her leg became normal… but any time I remember wheelbarrow 🤣🤣🤣🤣 now see that baby of yesterday o.”