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Meet Yoruba Actor Yinka Quadri Lovely Wife



Yinka Quadri And Wife

Meet Alhaja Sadiat Quadri, the wife of ace Yoruba actor, Alhaji Yinka Quadri.

In a recent interview, Yinka Quadri reveals his wife likes to keep her life simple. She is a very private person.

When asked: Lots of his fans out there, would like to know about his family?

“There is nothing to hide and it is not difficult at all. I am with one wife, we have been together since 1985. But before we got married, I already had a child from someone else.

I had the normal wedding ceremony with the woman, but along the line we discovered, we are not compartible, we will stay together, in a week, that makes 7 days, we fight for 5 days and just be friends for 2 days, so we were not compactable and we did that for 5 to 6 years, so our parents decided it is better we go our separate ways. And since she left, I met this my wife in 1985 and we started having kids in 1989 and she is the only woman in my house.

Her name is Alhaja Sadiat Adenike Quadri.

See photos of Alhaja Sadiat Adenike Quadri below:

Yinka Quadri Wife

Yinka Quadri Wife 1 2

Yinka Quadri Wife 1 4

Yinka Quadri Wife

Yinka Quadri Wife 1 3

Yinka Quadri Wife 1 1