Her Revenge – Chineye Nnebe

Three village friends, Uchechi (Sonia Uche), Erica( Chisom Steve), and Chineye(Chineye Nnebe) were close, that they do everything together.

Among the friends, Chineye(Chineye Nnebe) was the only admire by a guy, Sobe( Enock Darko) who like Chinyere so much.

Uchechi (Sonia Uche) is always jealous anytime Sobe( Enock Darko) treats Chineye(Chineye Nnebe) with care.

Chineye(Chineye Nnebe) is worried about her friends especially Uchechi (Sonia Uche) reactions, she warned Sobe( Enock Darko) to stop treating her like a queen in front of her friends but Sobe(Enock Darko) refused

Check out what happened between Sobe (Enock Darko), Uchechi (Sonia Uche), Erica( Chisom Steve) and Chineye(Chineye Nnebe)