My Father Didn’t Support Yahoo – Peter Fatomilola Son’s Defend Him

Peter Fatomilola and Son
Peter Fatomilola and Son

Oladosu Fatomilola has come to defend his father, Peter Fatomilola after he says cyber fraud popularly known as Yahoo Yahoo is better than armed robbery, if our youth have ways to duped the foreigners with their Internet skills, then is ok

Time of Gist recalls that Peter Fatomilola reveals this in an interview with BBC News Yoruba.

In another interview, his son Oladosu Fatomilola has comes put to defend his father, in the video, he said:

Peter Fatomiloa Didn’t support Yahoo, have been receiving calls from people, some support what he said, while others did not, I went ahead to facebook to watch what Peter Fatomilola said, when I watch the video, I understand why most people think he supports Yahoo, he didn’t speak on Yahoo Yahoo alone, people are emphasizing on the Yahoo Yahoo part, but Peter Fatomilola never support Yahoo, Let me tell you something, Peter Fatomilola, is married with children, he has up to 8 children that went to university, immediately they finish there degree and NYSC, they will go for Master degree, even some are even doing there Ph.D. now, can we now say a man that can send his children to school will support Yahoo?

Watch the video below: