If you Want to Make it in Life, Make Sure You Gives Honor and Respect to Elders – Olaiya Igwe Advice Young Actors

Olaiya Igwe
Olaiya Igwe

Veteran Nigerian actor Olaiya Igwe has advised the young actors to respect and honour the elders if they want to make it in life.

Olaiya Igwe reveals this in a recent interview with The Nation, read the expert below:

What do you think about the new generation of actors?

If you want to make it in life, make sure you are giving honor and respect to the elders and focus on whatever you are doing.

I recently interviewed Baba Lere Paimo and he complained bitterly on how young actors have chosen make up over the elders in the industry. WHat’s your take on this?

(Cuts in) That is one thing I am against in my life. If you are doing that today it would come back and haunt you tomorrow because logically that is what you are saying. Are you saying they should also ignore you when you get old? That is exactly what you are portraying. Use the old people in elderly roles. It can even make your fame more mature than to paint a person’s face and ask them to play elderly roles. You are ignoring the old and making the young ones old in your film. That is a wrong proverb. I have been telling my elders that they should tell our administrators in their positions to make noise on this so that changes can be made.