Jesus is Orunmila, Orunmila is Jesus – Peter Fatomilola Reveals

Peter Fatomilola and Jesus
Peter Fatomilola and Jesus

Veteran actor, Peter Fatomilola has revealed that Orunmila the Yoruba deity of wisdom, knowledge, and omniscience is also the same as Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Peter Fatomilola reveal this in a recent interview with BBC Yoruba, interpreted by Timeofgist  He said:

Orunmila is a professor from heaven, he is a teacher (Olukoni), that is why they called Jesus Rabi (Olukoni) in the bible, there is no difference between father and son, then Orunmila and Jesus.

It is a reincarnation that happens, am bold to say it, because I know history,

Jesus, is Orunmila and Orunmila, is Jesus, The old man that been in existence for long, was the one later born in Jerusalem that people called Jesus.

It was prophesied, that we will give birth to a boy, from vir gi n woman and we will be called Miracle, Emmanuel.

Father of faith Abraham looks at the old man and said he looks like the priest of God, he looks like King of Salem, King of Peace.

God said if you know the old man is my priest and he is the King of Peace, everything you bring from the war front, surrender 10 percent to him,

That is how Abraham pays his 10 percent tithe to Orunmila.

Since they didn’t know his name and where he comes from, so they decided to give him a name in their language called Melkisedeki, which means Someone that comes from far with no relatives.

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