I had a Kidney Related Disease That Nearly Took My Life – Olaiya Igwe Recounts

Olaiya Igwe recount his sickness
Olaiya Igwe recount his sickness

Veteran actor Olaiya Igwe reveals he had a kidney-related disease that nearly took his life, but he is doing better now.

In a recent interview by BBC Yoruba, Olaiya Igwe recounts his survival when he was sick, he also advises people to drink a lot so as to flush out a developing disease in the body system.

In his word, he said:

I thank God am ok now, but it takes the grace of God to survive the sickness. What happened had to me as to do with my kidney, have been seeing symptoms, until when I went for x-rays, what is see was shocking.

I asked the doctor how the disease get to my Kideney, he replied a lot can cause it, but what we the doctor can tell you, everybody is that to drink water regularly, if we give you medicine or injection, I will work, but the most natural medicine is water, is work better than any other medicine worth of one billion Naira, so drink water very well, most of the disease hides inside the intestines before it develops, but if you were able to drink water very well, most of it come out through urine with knowing.

Olaiya also reveals that the operation took place in a private hospital, not The University College Hospital (UCH), so the person that carries the rumour that am dead taught I was in The University College hospital (UCH), the person didn’t confirm the news before announcing his father’s death (olaiya’s death).

He further said when they show me the tumor that was removed from my body, I wonder if it grows or It was sent to him spiritually.

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