MC Oluomo Ex-Wife, Ehi Ogbebor’s New Lover Allegedly a Fraudster

Ehi Ogbebor and her New Lover
Ehi Ogbebor and her New Lover

A report has been making around that the new lover of MC Oluomo’s ex-wife, Ehi Ogbebor is a fraudster.

Timegist recalls that Lagos socialite Ehi Ogbebor confirm dating a married man barely two months after MC Oluomo dumped her for popular Nollywood actress Mariam Omo VC.

Ehi Ogbebor stated that they are two “divorced souls” madly in love, and anyone claiming to be married to her new man should provide evidence or forever hold their peace.

Shortly after, an Instagram blogger, Gistlover dragged Ehi questioning why she is like breaking home and could be why she could not stay in her marriage.

Gistlover said that Ehi’s new man does not worth fighting for, alleging he is a big-time fraudster in the United Stae of America.

According to Gistlover, Ehi Ogbebor’s new man is part of those involved in the COVID-10 wire fraud and warned Ehi to be careful if she is not aware.

Gistlover wrote: Why Ehi like to Dey scatter homes ???so all along you were eyeing the man and Oloriburuku man too wey Dey tell him wife not to play with Ehi sef get mission.

Nkan Mbe,Ehi Olobo town council,steadily breaking homes,Na why you nor see husband house siddon,even Agbero wey knack you nor gree marry you,you don move to the next married man.

Alwys mdly in love,them use am swer for you.Not fair at all,The man sef no be person wey worth the fight,he is a big time fr*udster in the USA,he is part of those wey do the Covid 19 wire fraud,I just say make I tell you Ehi,incase you don’t know.I come in peace