You Will Be Shocked to Know How Many Husbands Want Their Wives Dead And Wives Who Want Their Husbands Dead

A Nigerian pastor at a sermon at his church reveals how some men are happy when their wives died because their wives are troublesome.

In his word, he said:

”You will be shocked at how many wives are wishing that their husbands would die and how many husbands that are wishing their wives would die. It is a sad reality.

Many years ago, there was this man of God. One day, he came and said the wife was not feeling well. All of us were struggling pastors. We gathered money and said God will make a way.

One day the guy came to my office and from the disposition of his look, you would not believe that he has just lost his wife. He came in and was just like ”Man of God we are fine oh, she has finally gone. I just thank God’.

I said ‘Who was gone?’ and he said ‘My wife, she is gone. She don die’.

I was like your wife died and you are like this? He said ‘Man of God. That woman gave me trouble. In fact when that sickness came, God just delievered me. She is dead”

Watch the video below: