Olufunmi Bakare, Producer of Film that Ridicule Islamic Practice of Women in Veil Apologise

Olufunmi Bakare
Olufunmi Bakare

Nigerian actress Olufunmi Bakare, who is the producer of the movie an Islamic group accused of ridicule the Islamic practice of women in the veil, seeks forgiveness from all the Muslims around the world.

Timeofgist recalls that Odunlade Adekola was called out by an Islamic group, Taawun Human Rights Committee (THURIST) for producing a movie titled ‘IKU NI’ that is believed to be an attempt to puncture the Islamic practice of Women in a veil, a proper investigation later reveals that Odunlade Adekola is not the producer.

The producer of the movie, actress Olufunmi Bakare comes out to apologize and seek forgiveness from Muslims around the world. Read her press release below:

Good afternoon my fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters in Islam

My name is Olufunmi Bakare. I’m the producer of the movie titled IKU NI.
I’m using this medium to apologise for the misconception of the movie as it’s making an unpleasant rounds on social media that it’s made with the intention of slandering Islam. I’m sincerely apologising for this mistake which I feel terribly about. It would interest you to know that am not just a Muslim or from a Muslim family but a practicing one at that. I can never for any reason slander or demean my religion for any form of gain. The essence of that scene and the costume used is to prevent passengers from identifying the mad woman when she boarded the vehicle it has nothing to do with eleha

Hence my sincere apology and I’m begging in the name of Allah for forgiveness from all the Bodies and societies or communities concern to please pardon my mistake and give me a chance to make necessary correction.
Right now I humbly announce that the movie IKU NI has immediately been pulled down from all viewing platforms
…..also importantly, I beg to clear the air on the misconception that ambassador Odunlade Adekola as the producer.

Please sir, ma he is not the producer but only a paid actor on the set of the Movieme IKU NI . He is not in anyway involved in the production process nor is he the producer. Please I beg everyone to stop castigating him as he is innocent.

Thank you all. as I look forward to your forgiveness which I will never take for granted
God bless you all