You Lifted me and i Appreciate all Your Kindness – Yomi Fabiyi Mourn Baba Suwe

Yomi Fabiyi and Baba Suwe
Yomi Fabiyi and Baba Suwe

Nigerian actor, Yomi Fabiyi has mourned the late Baba Suwe, recounting that, the veteran actor gave him the first step in the industry.

Baba Suwe died on Monday, November 22, 2021, at age 63.

Mourning the legend, Yomi Fabiyi wrote:

You gave me the first step in this industry through this movie 20years ago. I don’t know how to start or how to approach you then but you discovered and encouraged me. And you prayed for me.

You qualify as my father, you are my father and you played your fatherly role. No human is perfect but if anything you did, you gave this dream of mine a reality. You lifted me and I appreciate all your kindness.

Pressy, you said you will wait for me to return. You are the best person that laughs at my jokes even when they are not funny. You love and appreciate me jealously.

Go and rest sir, The King of Comedy, Baba Suwe, Omi ose tanikoko, oni pari esin. My number 1 comedian, you are simply the best. Go and rest, you fought hard sir. I will be your fan forever.

Your son and boy,

Yomi Fabiyi