Shame on You – Anita Joseph Blast Those Attacking Her Husband For Massaging her Feet at a Party

Actress Anita Joseph and her HusbandActress Anita Joseph and her Husband
Actress Anita Joseph and her Husband

Nigerian actress Anita Joseph has blasted those that criticized her husband, MC Fish for kissing and massaging her leg at a party held last weekend.

Timeofgist recalls that MC Fish was spotted in a video, massaging and kssng the feet of his wife,Anita Joseph.

Many internet users blasted him and his wife for doing such irritating actions.

Reacting to this, Anita Joseph said:

‘💙a lot of people in Nigeria need Therapy aswear 😂😂😂🤣🤣
When you can do it inside why can’t you do it outside huh “
A lot of women actually want this Pampering my hubby pampers me
But can’t get it because their men are rigid and proud 😁
You celebrate divorce and pain alot but you can never celebrate two people inlove all you want to hear is bad news
Shame on you “
It’s juju when your man loves you Tomuch !!
Ndi ala
if you ever meet my man one on one you will know he exudes Class and intelligence !! The sweetest Voice the microphone magician ❤️💙

If loving his wife Tomuch and showing her love and affection even in public “
Mean say na na juju that’s fine “
Don’t you need your own juju if e too easy 🚶🏻‍♂️ARAMASHIOGRI
. @sandynnah is a relationship Expert she can help 🙏

Watch the video below: