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How I Built My N100m Mansion In 3 Months – Laide Bakare

by Sesan
Laide Bakare

Nigerian actress Laide Bakare has revealed how she archived to build an N100m mansion in 3 months.

In a recent interview with city people, she said:

How long did it take you to build your mansion?

It took me 3 months to put that masterpiece together. Normally, when I buy properties I demolish to build to my taste, it is a normal thing for me, but for this particular one, I didn’t demolish them at all. The only thing I did is that when I give particular instruction on how to build a particular thing and afterwards I realise it didn’t fit my taste perfectly I always come up with new ideas to upgrade, at least to fit in into what I want exactly.

What is the worth of this particular?

So far, it is worth 300 million, I put in so much into it, because I want people to see what I can build and start patronising me like I earlier said, though, I have been into real estate for years now, but this is just to launch myself officially into the market because many don’t know I build and sell lands.

It took me 3 months to put everything together, when I look at the house again, I always give myself a tap on the back that I actually did well. Because honestly, it is not easy, I just came back from a location and will be going back to another one tomorrow, it is not like there is money in acting but it is something I have a strong passion for, and I can’t just relax and don’t go to location.

I am using this house opening as a contact point to showcase what I do in real estate. Many see me on screen, but now am all out for my real estate Simline Properties. Gone are the days movie stars especially actresses want to stick to their crafts alone, now everybody has a side hustle, and as for me real estate is my side hustle and this time around, I am not building to keep, but building to celebrate.

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