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Actress Funmi Awelewa chop beating from the married man she allegedly snatched from his wife

by Sesan

Nigerian actress Funmi Awelewa popularly known as Morili allegedly beaten to a pulp by a married man she allegedly snatched away from his wife and kids.

According to Gistlover, Funmi Awelewa snatched a married man who usually beat his wife, few years after the table,. the man turn Funmi Awelewa to a punching bag.

The post read:

Hello tueh tueh KArma came so quick, Hello tueh tueh, so yesterday I was jejely chilling on the street of Instagram Na so I see notification of live video from our Aunty Funmi morili,Na so I carry my two left legs join the live video oo, the live video was short and she did it unaware tho, immediately she realized she was live, she ended it immediately, for the live video, this yahoo boy wey call himself morili husband was beating her and cvrsing her parent, you can hear the struggle from the video, the guy said in Yoruba ( abi kofeda fun Awon to nieh) abi he no wan better for those wey born you,we no see am pass that one ooo, he pain me sha but thanks to karma for coming early, Funmi Morili, slide to the second picture biko, you remember this gist then and I promise you say you go meet your own for front , few years later, you later jam yahoo boy oni 100 iTunes wey turn you to punching bag,this woman criers out to me then, you took her husband car, deprive the husband from going home to see his family ,I still have the picture of the torn uniform wey the wife of tola sent to me then, their kid is going to school in torn uniform , Funmi Dey live lavida local,the woman cry tire that time, now Karma don hold your two brezz Dey show you pepper, Nollywood yeyebrities wey snatching be una logo, serial home breakers, hand go touch una one by one,Na National budget , e gone we reach una round, i come in peace, Na so them turn Funmi to punching bag ooo, I think say Na for only movie then Dey beat am,she chop beat!ng for real life too oo, and to you woman beater oloju wonko Omo ale ekiti, hand go touch you too, shebi Na Efcc i tag you to then, Na Interpol I go tag for you now, oni 100 iTunes isonu, igi ewedu oni wo pawa ooo

Note: association of Debunkers Debunkeee Awon eyan mompha oni debunking, una free to do fala folo to deny oo, Na una way, sha no stay ther make him kee you finish before you move

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