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I have been crushing on one of my neighbors – Married woman opens up

by Sesan

A married woman has opened up on having a crush on one of her single neighbors.

According to the woman in dilemma, things hadn’t been going well for her and her husband ever since they moved.

She had noticed a neighbor of hers who she says is single but doesn’t do any work she knows off; all she sees him do is go out to gym and club.

Her quandary is whether or not to instruct her husband to approach this man to teach him how he’s probably making a living.

Read her full narration below:

“Hello. Please I am in a confused situation. Since the beginning of this year that I and my husband moved into a new apartment, things have been really tough. Business not flourishing as usual and all that. We have barely been able to save up for next year rent. It is a mind ur business kind of compound we moved into. So even our neighbors in the other apartments, we all barely know each other. Just good morning, good morning and every one goes about their business. But I have been crushing on One of my neighbors. He is a single guy, so I sta*k him on social media to find out everything he is doing. And I found out he just made some money, he is building a house and just ordered a very expensive car and other projects he is working on right now, I cannot help but wonder secretly how he makes his money. He doesn’t go out to work. Just gym and club. I discussed it wit my husband and I want him to go over and ask him to put him through on what he does. Cos this year hasn’t been rosy. For us at all, but on a second thought my husband thinks it is weird and dumb going to meet a neighbor u don’t talk to and ask him to teach u what he does to make money.. Please what do u guys think? Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Should my husband go and meet him and how should he go about it if he wants to.”

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