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Bank manager impregnates three female staff

by Ifeoluwa Solomon

A ladyhas accused a bank manager of impregnating three of his staff working at the same branch

In her tweet she called out the bank manager while alleging that he works as a manager at Polaris bank.

“Polaris Bank manager impregnated three of his female staff”, she wrote.

As soon as the story was shared via Twitter, the comment section didn’t disappoint as there were so many reactions.

Some of the comments read:

“No wonder the Bank debited indiscriminate charges on Customers’ accounts”

“Who doesn’t want to be deputy manager?”

“Bank Manager setting up branch offices 😁”

“3 Polaris female staff dating their bank manager got pregnant.

Stop making it look like only men are guilty. 😜”

It is not clear what state or branch this act took place as the woman who made the tweet did not mention that.

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