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Lady cries out as cheating husband infects her with H!V

by Sesan Onabanwo
Lady cries out

A lady has taken to social media to seek advice on how to deal with what her husband did to her.

She complained about how he ruined her life by infecting her with a sexually transmitted disease which he contracted during an extra marital affair.

Her post read:

My husband has ruined my life. I’m pregnant. I went for check up nd was tested positive for hiv, I almost passed out. Have never cheated on my husband. So where could I have got contact with him. I cried and managed to go home. I asked my husband if he is cheating on me, he said no, I didn’t tell him anything. I find excuse to make him follow me to d hospital. D doctor tested him and it came out positive. I fainted!! Some hours later I woke up. I saw my hubby beside me crying. He confessed to me dat he is having an affair with his working mate. I cry out tears. U didn’t ruin my life alone, u also ruined my unborn baby life. Despite all my doing, though I’m pregnant but anytime dis man need me I’m always available.

“Anytime I cook for him nd remember what he did to me. I just feel like putting poison in his food nd just die. What have I done to deserve this. Mummies wat should I do. I trusted him but he ruined my life totally. I just feel like killing him. I’m more worried about my unborn baby. I will be given birth very soon”.

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