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“You wanted to be my side chic even though I was married” – Man exposes actress who tried to publicly shame him



A man identified as Themba Gwejela exposed a well-known South African actress’s secret after she attempted to openly mock him.

He was publicly shamed on social media by the movie star Rami Chuene, who claimed he was a broken-promises person.

She advised women to steer clear of Themba because he does not give his babe money for her to enjoy themselves.

Rami wrote; “Please stay away from this guy. Broken promises waya waya and he’ll never becha you.”

Themba, who is now divorced, quickly responded, saying that the actress knew he was married when they first met but still accepted to be his side chic.

The communications expert went on to say that there was no way he could have publicly treated her like she wanted to be treated without his wife knowing.

He tweeted; “You forget to mention that when we met I was still married and you agreed to be a side, how was I to becha you without my ex wife noticing? That’s if you forgot, seems very convenient to me, @ramichuene”