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Chrisland Schools demands repeat autopsy, want to exhume my daughter’s body – Whitney Adeniran’s mother cries out as



Chrisland Schools have reportedly demanded for a fresh autopsy, barely 24 hours after the late Whitney Adeniran was buried.

Whitney Adeniran’s mother cried to the public after the school demanded another autopsy to confirm the allegations against the institution.

The agonized mother disclosed this update to the public via her Instagram story.

She claimed the school had called the police for a repeat autopsy and planned to exhume her daughter’s body.

“CHRISLAND!!! Play all your games!!! They just called the police that they wanted a repeat autopsy.

“They want to exhume my daughter’s body for another butchering. These people are a bunch of jokers.

“Chrisland, you had your own private pathologist at that autopsy examination ooo. He gave you the report, for you to even think of doing this is pure evil.

“May Jehovah’s anger rise hit against you.

“If this is your plot to frustrate me, then get ready to lose, because you have failed!!!”