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“How do I tell her?” – Man laments over his wife’s uncleanliness



A married man on Twitter by the name Mazieechidiime has complained about his wife’s poor sanitary behaviour and pleaded for suggestions on how to handle it.

He posted pictures of where his wife keeps their baby’s used diapers which included inside their dishes after eating and in the kitchen as well.

In his words:

“How do you approach your wife without offending her to stop this repeating nonsense behaviour? A lot of men face this kind of behaviour from their wives but no one is talking about it.”

He said he wanted to talk to his wife about it but didn’t want to offend her therefore he sought help from social media.

Onyi_george said:

“Which kind wife be this? Please woke generation, marrying someone who is domesticated is still a way to go. You cannot get house help all the time even when you have money too. Learning basic domestic skills, cleanliness and huge is very important. I know a lot of persons will come for this comment but na una sabi. I have said my own.”