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“The community vow to ‘crucify’ me on Easter”- Reverend who claimed to be Jesus cries out, seek for police help



A Kenyan Reverend who identified himself as Jesus Christ has expressed concern that his life is in peril as a result of his beliefs.

The clergyman claimed that members of his community, the Bungoma (yesu wa Tongaren), had sworn to crucify him this Easter in a manner similar to how the son of God had been executed.

When told that Bungoma residents had overheard him demanding to be crucified on Easter in the same manner as Jesus was, the self-styled Jesus Christ reported the incident to the authorities.

Members of the community reportedly gave the man of God the reassurance that if he is the messiah, he will rise on the third day and ascend to heaven following his crucifixion and that he shouldn’t fear at all.

But before this year’s Easter celebration, he went to a police station and asked for security.