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How my prank landed man in hospital, sometimes, I even get arrested by the police — Trinity Guy recount



Trinity Guy

Popular social media prankster, Abdullahi Moruff, aka Trinity Guy, recounts his experience of playing pranks on people.

In an interview with Punch NG, Trinity reveals that Out of about 100 pranks, about five per cent are planned.

Read the expert below:

What do you mean by planned pranks. Aren’t pranks supposed to be unscripted?

Out of about 100 pranks, about five per cent are planned. By planned, I mean that when I want to play pranks and I know they could be quite sensitive and get me into trouble, I would inform the person ahead that I want to create content. Me and my personal assistant would call the person, and I would introduce myself, telling them what I want to do. I would then ask them not to interrupt me. After that, some would give consent, while some could decline. But, for the ‘real’ pranks, I don’t inform anyone beforehand.

You are one of the popular pranksters and your face is known to many people. How are you able to play pranks on people without being recognised?

While shooting videos, some people don’t recognise me, because not everyone is on social media. It is only people on social media that could sometimes recognise me. Sometimes, we intentionally go to places where the use of social media is not widespread.

In one of your skits, you were on a motorcycle, and you poured water on a lady, because you claimed she was not dressed decently. Was that prank real or planned?

It was a real prank. I did not know the lady, and she did not know me either.

After she slapped you for pouring water on her, did you apologise?

After pouring water on the lady, I later told her that it was a prank, and she should not be angry. As it turned out, she had watched some of my prank videos before.

If she had watched your videos before, how come she did not recognise you as a prankster?

After the prank had been concluded, she told me she kept staring at me when the drama was ongoing because I looked familiar. It was later I confirmed to her that I was the one. We then settled the issue. I asked her if I could post the video, and she agreed. I went on to compensate her, and we became friends.

Are there times you give the people you play pranks on money to compensate them?

Yes, including the lady you just asked about. I bought her another dress, because she was on her way somewhere when the prank was done.

Have you ever been in trouble on account of your pranks?

That happens all the time.

Share some of those experiences with us.

There is a guy I met on the street, and I told my PA that I would like to play pranks on him. I went to meet the guy, telling him that I was a thief, and I had a gun with me. He thought it was real, not knowing that there was a cameraman somewhere. I told him I also had N60m in cash, which I had stolen from somewhere. The guy ran away, and unfortunately, he had an accident. I needed to take him to the hospital, and I spent a lot of money on his treatment. Unfortunately, I was not able to do the skit. It was a rough day for me. Sometimes, I even get arrested by the police.

How did you resolve the issue with the person who had an accident?

I visited him about three times at the hospital, and we settled everything. I later informed him that it was a prank video and I had neither a gun nor N60m. I told him my social media handle, and one of his family members knew me. The injuries he sustained from the accident were not too much.

Don’t you get scared that you could be beaten up while playing pranks on people?

It was in the early days that I used to get scared. On different occasions, people have stoned me and did other things. But, at the end of the day, people are usually happy.