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“My kids feed and bath me after their mother abandoned them and never returned”- Man with disability says



22My Kids Feed And Bath Me After Their Mother Abandoned Them And Never Returned22 Man With Disability Says

A man with a disability, identified as Munyeshyaka Jean-Paul has revealed how his two children have been taking care of him after their mother abandoned them and never returned.

The single dad of two with a disability was born normal, strong and walking on his feet until he couldn’t walk at age seven.

While speaking with Afrimax English,Munyeshyaka Jean-Paul said, “The disability started as an illness that should have been easily treated. They did not administer my treatment on time. I lost my parents and was left under my sisters’ responsibility, who only saw me as a burden,”

Munyeshyaka’s dream of being a professional driver was shattered as he found himself crawling.

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Since he could not do anything independently, it became too much for his sisters to lift, wash, feed, and do everything for him. He was left helpless and hopeless when he needed them the most, compelling him to crawl to the streets, looking for a living.

The 27-year-old met a beautiful woman who vowed to always be by his side and agreed to start a family together.

They lived in harmony and were blessed with two children, and life was bearable as the wife could do everything for Munyeshyaka. “The day she left the house was during the COVID-19 pandemic. When the landlord realised we won’t afford rent, he kicked us out. After evicting us, everyone went their way as she abandoned me with the kids,” Munyeshyaka added.

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He struggles to make ends meet, and since he is physically challenged, his kids take care of him, like washing him daily and helping him out with clothes. Munyeshyaka said his wife switched off her phone and never returned, even to check on the welfare of the kids.