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“I pretended not to see it”- Man plots deadly revenge on girlfriend after he caught her cheating



22I Pretended Not To See It22 Man Plots Deadly Revenge On Girlfriend After He Caught Her Cheating

A man has revealed how he planned deadly revenge on his girlfriend, after he caught her cheating on him.

According to him, He was sitting at home with her when a message popped up on her phone from her side boo, thanking her for treating him well in bed.

After seeing the message, he pretended not to see it but played along with her and even treated her more nicely.

Subsequently, he got another girlfriend while still in the relationship. He went ahead to sleep with all his cheating girlfriend’s friends and then planned his introduction to his new girl.

When it was time for his wedding, he called the attention of his cheating girlfriend and told her everything he had done to her. She wept bitterly but it was too late.

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Twitter user, Masterpiece, who shared the story on Twitter, narrated in part: “My neighbour dropped his then gf for counselling and waited till she was done and drove her home. N.B: There were staying together at that time. While she was relaxing on his chest a message popped up saying “the ‘bedmatics’ was hella crazy today” he saw the message and pretended.

“He promised himself that he would eventually get his revenge someday. He became too nice to her that she almost suspected him then he took everything one day at a time. He had already broken up with her but he never told her cos he had everything planned out then.”

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