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Lecturer celebrates Sallah with his three wives and 19 children



Lecturer Celebrates Sallah With His Three Wives And 19 Children

Baba Lawal, a lecturer at Umar Bn Khattab College of Education Kaduna, has caused a stir on social media after sharing photos of his family celebrating the Eid al-Adha festival.

In the photos, Baba Lawal was seen in traditional attire with his three wives and 19 children, all decked out in matching outfits.

He uses the medium to announce the death of one his wife’s father.

The lecturer captioned the photos, “Alhamdulillah for more mercy from Allah, my family have witnessed this year 1444AH EID, despite it came with mixing feeling as Hajiya (Mamawa) loss her father Prince Jimoh Adeleke on Tuesday 18 April, 2023 may Allah forgive his shortcomings. Allahumagfirlahu Allahumathabithu Ameen.
Kindly join the family to condole Hajiya and pray for her trip to be safe with Allah’s rahma.”

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The photos immediately went viral, with many people commending Baba Lawal for his ability to successfully manage his large family. Others also praised his wives for their support and the peaceful coexistence between them.

Many also send their condolences to his wife over her father’s death.

One fan wrote, ” Allah bless us and our families. Allah bless all our departed parents and relatives with aljanna firdausi, aameen.”

Another one wrote, ” Congratulations to you and your lovely family for another Eid celebration together. May Allah continue to strengthen you and bless your home. Ameen. Taqaballahu minna waminkum”

Baba Lawal, has been married to his three wives for over 20 years and has always been vocal about his support for polygamy as a way of life. He has previously said that he is proud of his family and that his wives and children are his greatest assets.

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