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Lady finds out she’s pregnant for best friend of her fiance two months to their wedding



Pregnant Woman In Africa

A lady is having a conflict of conscience after reportedly getting pregnant for her best friend’s husband-to-be.

She confided in one of her friends named Praise Oghre, who then shared the story online with the aim of soliciting advise and suggestions.

The lady had a one night stand with her bestie’s fiancé and she found out about the pregnancy just two months to their wedding which was fixed for June.

She is wondering if she should confess to her bestie before she gets married to the man or if she should keep it a secret until her last day on earth.

Praise said she is confused and does not know the type of advice to give the pregnant friend so she asked social media users.

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She wrote; “A lady confided in me yesterday, that she is pregnant for her best friend fiancé ( one night stand). who is suppose to be wedding in June, that her conscience was telling on her if she should speak up or allow them and keep everything until her last breath? I’m confused, what Should I tell her? 🤦🏽‍♀️ if you have any idea pls drop it. It will get to her.”