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“If you try any relationship and it’s not going your way pls cut them off!! That’s what I do- Bimpe Akintunde says, encourages singles with her story



22If You Try Any Relationship And Its Not Going Your Way Pls Cut Them Off Thats What I Do Bimpe Akintunde Says Encourages Singles With Her Story

Nigerian actress Bimpe Akintunde has become an inspiration for singles with her empowering message about self-worth and the importance of cutting off unfulfilling relationships.

In a candid social media post, she shared her personal experience and encouraged others to prioritize their happiness by severing ties with relationships that are not bringing them joy.

In her words, “Dear Single Mothers/Single Ladies pls note that God doesn’t hate you nor is he ignoring you Neither do you offend God in any way!!! I have been A Single mom for almost 8years!!! And I have not been in a relationship for close to 2years now!!

Yes is not that I am the most ugly woman in the world nor the worst woman!! I am a very beautiful, hardworking, supportive, very God woman!!! Like one of the Best Women God created. Despite all of these!!! I can’t move Godless! He has been so Merciful to me. Because he places the Right time!!

Pls Dear Sisters, Focus on you!!!! Focus on your Goals, and Pray harder!!! Work hard!!!! Be happy always, and shine bright like a diamond always. Don’t tie your Destiny to anybody’s apron they can/ will leave you Anytime!! If you try any relationship and it’s not going your way pls cut them off!! That’s what I do, I cut them off completely!!! Especially if it’s not adding value nor relieving my Burden in Anyway!!

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Being single sucks but that is not the End of the World!! Trust God!!! Trust the process, don’t force anything!! Don’t beg for love or attention!! Our God will provide Everything we need at the Appointed Time!!!! A PE KOTO JEUN KONI JEBAJE!!!.”