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Actor, Femi Adebayo reveals one of his saddest moments

Nigerian actor Femi Adebayo shared one of the saddest moments he experienced while shooting a movie, reflecting on how it became a turning point in his career and offering a powerful message of motivation.

Adebayo revealed that the moment that deeply affected him was the passing of a horse named “Prince” during the filming of his best movie ever “Agesinkole.”

He wrote, ” One of the saddest moments I’ve had while shooting a movie is the passing of “Prince, The Horse”.

It rippled through the hearts and minds of everyone on set for the project, Agesinkole. We mourned, but at a point, like a subconscious collective decision, it was like we all decided to harness the energy of what we felt to give 100% to that project.

And it showed! Your lowest moments can turn out to be your springboard for greatness! Never give up on yourself!#MondayMotivation”

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In a related news, Femi Adebayo the lead actor and producer of Jagun Jagun movie has continue to cries for Ogundiji, the character he portrayed in trending movie, Jagun Jagun.

Recalls that, Femi Adebayo expressed his concern about the levels of recognition received by his colleagues, Lateef Adedimeji (Gbotija) and Ibrahim Yekini (Gbogunmi).

The movie, which features a talented ensemble cast, including Lateef Adedimeji (Gbotija) and Ibrahim Yekini (Gbogunmi), has garnered significant attention and praise from viewers.

However, it appears that Femi Adebayo’s portrayal of Ogundiji, despite being the lead character and producer, hasn’t received the same level of recognition as his co-stars.

In what it look like a jokingly social media post, Femi Adebayo voiced his thoughts on the matter.

He wrote, “Saving kings and men isn’t an easy job – if a Man does well, we should reward him o

I personally think the way you people don’t rate Ogundiji calls for alarm! Ogundiji himself ‼️ The only man that can eat 9 snails at once! Ehn, if e easy – you sef do am.

Everytime, Gbotija! Gbogunmi! Do you think becoming a mighty warrior of might and caliber doesn’t come with sacrifices?
Ogundiji too is someone’s father o! He deserves justice for the bad names you people are calling him!

Besides, If you were Ogundiji – will you not have done the same things he did?”

In a recent post, Femi Adebayo celebrates the remarkable success of ‘Jagun Jagun’ on the global streaming platform Netflix.

While celebrating, Femi Adeabayo sets aside his celebratory mood and uses the opportunity to echo his cry for justice for Ogundiji again.

He wrote, “RECORD BREAKING!: Exactly a month after the release of Jagun Jagun, we are at Number 1!

From being Number 1 for two weeks after release to number 2 for the subsequent weeks, we are back to number 1!

Grateful to everyone who has streamed and spread the word about Jagun Jagun. We are all making history together!

Subscribe to Netflix and catch all the epic action so you are not left out. Btw, I am still in search of #JusticeforOgundiji . He deserves Justice. Ogun yaa ‼️‼️‼️”






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