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Actor Lekan Olatunji set to release movie to honour his late wife



Popular Yoruba actor Lekan Olatunji has unveiled plans to release a special movie project in memory of his late wife.

The actor, known for his remarkable performances in the Yoruba movie industry, is taking a creative and heartfelt approach to commemorate the life of his beloved wife.

Lekan Olatunji suffered the loss of his his 42-year-old wife a few months ago. She was buried on September 16, 2023, in the city of Abeokuta.

Pay a heartfelt tribute to her, he has embarked on a movie project that will serve as a meaningful memorial.

He took to social media to announce the news.

He wrote, “The Movie🎞️📸 : LIFE OF A SINGLE FATHER 💔😭🥲
Coming… Soon…..To Honor my late Darling Wife 💔💔🕯️ For Sponsorship and Support…Kindly DM…God Bless Y’all❤️

See his post below:

Yorbawood reported earlier that Lekan olatunji took to his social media to celebrates his late wife Posthumous Birthday.

Lekan olatunji shared adorable photos and clip of his wife and described her as a remarkable woman whose light continues to shine and a beacon of kindness .

He further noted that he would have been hyping her and this special occasion and how to surprise her a day to her birthday,he also mentioned how much he misses her.

Accompanying his post with a heartfelt tribute he wrote, “I would have been thinking of what to do a few days before this special day of yours 🎂😭🍾🙈🎂🎂I would have been seeing you make preparations for your special day because you were big on birthdays🎂😭🍾🙈🎂🎂.

I would have been smelling different aromas because something big is coming your way…..🎂😭🍾🙈🎂🎂I would have been hearing things like “birthday mi nbo o” ha Aya mi iyi ti o sele simi yi po ju🎂😭🍾🙈🎂🎂.

I would have been hyping the birthday girl, my lady, my friend and my lover but oti wa di oju ala bayi…..🎂😭🍾🙈🎂🎂I miss your touch, our jokes, our fights, our love, and how ourselves and the kids family together🎂😭🍾🙈🎂🎂.

Omowunmi, Aya Olatunji, Omo Ogunjimi, if I ever knew I would refer to you in past tense at a time as this, I would have made efforts to avert it but God remains supreme.

Ifedolapo mi owon, you lived an impactful life and have taken a bow from life’s stage, I miss you every day and now see you in my mind and converse with you in my dreams still God remains unquestionable.

Keep singing and dancing with the angels Aya mi🎂😭🍾🙈🎂🎂Keep resting your soul in the bossom of your maker Ololufe mi🎂😭🍾🙈🎂🎂The assurance of seeing on the resurrection morning makes me say; “Iku o dami l’oro” Oluku mi🎂😭🍾🙈🎂🎂O d’oju ala😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.

Happy Post Humous Birthday Mrs Omowunmi Ifedolapo Olatunji,48gbosas for you in Heaven my darling wife,Unquestionable God, sibe Oluwa dara🎂😭🍾🙈🎂🎂.”

In another post Lekan Olatunji continue to celebrate his late wife’s Posthumous Birthday and pay his tribute.

He wrote, “Happy Posthumous Birthday, Omowunmi Olatunji,You were a remarkable woman whose light continues to shine brightly in our hearts. As we approach your birthday on October 2nd, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the many wonderful qualities that made you so special.

You were a beacon of kindness and compassion. Your genuine concern for others touched everyone who had the privilege of knowing you. You had a way of making people feel valued and loved, leaving a trail of smiles wherever you went,Your inner strength was awe-inspiring. In the face of life’s challenges, you exhibited resilience and grace that served as an example to us all. Your unwavering determination taught us the power of perseverance.

Your creativity knew no bounds. You had an artistic spirit that breathed life into every project you undertook. Whether it was a beautiful piece of art, a delicious meal, or a heartfelt gesture, your creativity knew how to make the world a more vibrant place.

You had a profound love for nature. You found solace and beauty in the world around you, reminding us to appreciate the simple joys of life—the rustling of leaves, the scent of blooming flowers, and the soothing sound of flowing water.

You were a devoted friend, a loving partner, and a nurturing family member. Your presence brought warmth and unity to those fortunate enough to be in your circle. Your ability to make everyone feel at home was a testament to your generous spirit.

As we celebrate your birthday, let’s not dwell on the sadness of your absence but instead embrace the joy of having known such an extraordinary person. Omowunmi Olatunji, you were a shining star whose legacy lives on through the countless lives you touched, and your memory will forever be etched in our hearts”.

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