Chef Dammy’s pastor

Chef Dammy’s pastor sues her for 20 million naira for defamation of character

Damilola Adeparusi, also known as Chef Dammy, has found herself in the midst of a 20-million-naira defamation lawsuit filed by her former pastor, Pastor Adegoke.

The lawsuit stems from Chef Dammy’s public declaration expressing concerns about her personal safety and indirectly implicating her pastor.

The trouble began when Chef Dammy took to her social media platforms to voice apprehensions about her safety and indirectly linked these concerns to her past interactions with Pastor Adegoke.

Reports from an insider suggest that Chef Dammy’s freedom was significantly curtailed after her participation in the cookathon. Her phone and ATM card were reportedly held by the event organizers, making her inaccessible to friends and family through phone calls or social media messages.

A church insider disclosed that she was experiencing a sense of confinement and desired a return to her previous life, where she enjoyed greater personal freedom. Furthermore, it was revealed that Chef Dammy had been apprehensive about participating in the cookathon from the outset, and it was Pastor Adegoke who strongly urged her to take part.

The situation took a more complicated turn when Chef Dammy and her family declined to participate in a subsequent cookathon, and Chef Dammy transferred 700,000 Naira to her family members. This financial transaction appears to have been a pivotal moment in the ongoing dispute between Chef Dammy and Pastor Adegoke.

We reported earlier that, Chef Dammy, claims that her pastor should be held accountable if anything bad happens to her.

Chef Dammy took to her social media account in the late hours of October 19, 2023, to induce fear and panic after revealing that her life was in danger.

She claims that she has been living in constant fear and that she nearly died a few days ago. She revealed that for months after her cook-a-thon, “men of God” threatened, cursed, and ridiculed her.

Part of her write up, Chef Dammy wrote; By the time we are done with you, you will not be able to stand on your feet again”

This was from the acclaimed “people of God”. Among many of the countless insults, curses, threats and bullying.
Now, I understand the content of 1 Peter 4:17, Surely judgment will begin from the house of God.

The first time the man of God tried to challenge my God he failed, then he told me to prepare for war.

But these are the people of God,
Are they not supposed to be Godly?” chef Dammy message reads in part.

Chef Dammy further shared her dismay that even her pastor, identified as Jeremiah, was implicated in this situation.

“I’ll be having an interview in Lagos soon.

And I’m ready to let everything out once I get back.

But in case anything happens to me; Adegoke Jeremiah A.K.A Billion Dollars Prophet, hold him responsible, he told me to prepare for war and we are both on it.” she wrote.





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