Congratulations pour in as Orilabi’s skit-wife, Bolanle Tayo, finally got married to her heartthrob

Skit-maker Bolanle Tayo, popularly known as Classy Iya Komedy and often referred to as Orilabi’s skit-wife has tied the knot with her heartthrob over the last weekend.

The news of her wedding has sparked a mix of congratulations and playful mockery, as fans humorously mock Orilabi of losing his skit-wife to another man.

Bolanle Tayo, a talented comedian and content creator, has gained fame for her entertaining skits alongside Orilabi, creating a virtual partnership.

However, the recent development of her getting married to her real-life partner has led to playful banter among fans.

The social media space was flooded with congratulatory messages for Bolanle Tayo, with fans expressing their happiness for the new chapter in her life. Many admired her relationship journey and wished her a blissful married life.

While the majority of fans celebrated the union, some couldn’t resist poking fun at Orilabi, jokingly questioning how he would cope without his skit-wife.

See the wedding video below:

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