"Everything Mohbad's father has been saying about me is a lie "- Mohbad's wife, Wunmi, breaks silence

“Everything Mohbad’s father has been saying about me is a lie”- Mohbad’s wife, Wunmi, breaks silence

Cynthia Omowumi Aloba, wife of late Afrobeat singer Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, breaks her silence over the dispute between her and Mohbad’s father.

Omowumi stated that everything Mohbad’s father has been saying against her is a lie. Omowumi said she has been mute all this time because of her mental health and also needed to take care of her baby Liam.
She noted that all Mohbad’s father wants is to see her jailed so that all the money contributed for her son will be diverted to him.

Omowumi said she has so many secrets about her father-in-law that she could spill but has decided to keep mute because of her son Liam.
She concluded by saying she and her father-in-law used to be the best of friends,but things took the wrong turn ever since Mohbad died because of the money that was contributed for her baby Liam.

In her words,”Everything Baba (Mohbad’s dad)has been saying about me are all lies. I decided not to grant interviews because I am messed up mentally and I need to take care of my baby. Baba’s aim is for me to be jailed so that everything that belongs to my son will be given to him. He has been calling Adura (Moh’s brother)to lie against me at the coroner court.

I have every proof. That was the reason Adura has refused to go to him. Baba said he saw some clothes filled with blo*d when he came to our house after my husband passed away. That was a blatant lie. He has also called my mother-in-law that she must lie against me in court that she saw clothes that were filled with blo*d. He also influenced my mother-in-law’s sister to say she saw blo*d in the house. I am not a weak woman. I have so many things I can reveal about Baba but I decided to keep mute because of my son, Liam.if I start spilling secrets, people will know who Baba really is but my son will one day grow up to read them. If not for Mohbad’s demise, nobody knew he had a wife or a son.

I am a very private person. Baba told the media that Mohbad once said he wanted to throw Liam in the river. This never happened. Mohbad loved Liam so much even more than me his mum. Baba and I used to be very close. Infact he was the one that said I must get pregnant for his son. He took me to mountains and prayer houses. He used to buy me different foods, fruits and vegetables. He was my best friend but the major reason why he is fighting me today is because of the money people contributed for Liam”.

TIME OF GIST reported earlier that Cynthia Omowunmi Aloba, the wife of the late singer Ilerioluwa Aloba, also known as Mohbad, has revealed that the late singer once accused her of dating his best friend Micee, because she was close to him.

She revealed Micee was a very good friend of Mohbad, and through him, she became very close to Micee,and it got to the point that their closeness made Mohbad accuse them of having an affair.she further revealed that it became a very big issues that a family meeting was held to resolve the issue.

Wunmi stated that when Micee moved away from them, he started communicating with Naira Marley and Mohbad’s stepmother and was telling them everything about Mohbad.

In her words,” Micee was a very good friend of Mohbad and through that he became close to me too. We used to talk very well. It got to a point that our closeness made Mohbad to think we were having an affair. He started accusing us of sleeping with each other. It became a very big issue to the extent that a family meeting was held over the matter.

Mohbad told his parents and another relative that he believed there was something going on between us so the whole family decided and agreed that Mohbad and I should stop being friends with Mice, he should move away from us and we must never contact him again. Even before this issue, Mohbad discovered that Mice was snitching on him to Naira Marley. He was telling Naira everything that was going on with Mohbad. After Mice had departed from us, I discovered that he had a constant communication with Mohbad’s stepmother. I was shocked because I didn’t know how they met to the extent of exchanging phone numbers.

I want the court to invite Mice and Mohbad’s stepmother so they can explain the relationship that is between them. I can see everything he is saying about me on the social media. They are all lies”.





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