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“God bless your good heart”— Many shower praise on Pastor Gabriel as he shows progress of Aunty Ramota’s house



Pastor Gabriel shows progress of Aunty Ramota's house

Pastor Gabriel Agbala, a well-known philanthropist and religious leader, has once again demonstrated his unwavering commitment to helping those in need as he provides updates on the construction of Aunty Ramota’s dream home.

It recalls that Aunty Ramota, whose real name is Ramota Adetu, made an emotional plea to Pastor Gabriel Agbala for assistance in completing her late mother’s house in Ikorodu, Lagos.

Touched by her heartfelt appeal, Pastor Gabriel took on the responsibility of ensuring that Aunty Ramota’s dream home became a reality.

He invited her to his church and initiated a fundraising effort for her.

In a recent update, the man of God, in one of his posts on social media, Pastor Gabriel, revealed the progress of the construction project.

The updates included video of the construction site, which showed a substantial transformation from the earlier stages.

Watch the video below:

This charitable initiative by Pastor Gabriel has generated significant support and admiration from the public. Many have praised him for his dedication to assisting those in need and for going the extra mile to ensure that Aunty Ramota’s dream home is completed.

In a related news, Pastor Gabriel Agbala settled the dispute between popular small-sized actress and Aunty Ramota, and her former manager, Seriki Aro, also known as Iya Bayo.

Recalls that Aunty Ramota had made a heartfelt plea to Pastor Agbala Gabriel for help, seeking assistance to complete the house her late mother had started constructing before her demise.

During their discussion, she opened up about the alleged financial misappropriation by her ex-manager, Iya Bayo, who she accused of running away with her hard-earned money and using it to build her own house.

In the spirit of reconciliation, Pastor Agbala Gabriel invited Iya Bayo to Aunty Ramona’s mother house during his visit.

After a heartfelt and emotional discussion, Aunty Ramota and Iya Bayo found common ground and were able to settle their differences.

Watch the video below:

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