“If you fight your husband everyday, lots of women are waiting for him outside”- Pastor Deborah tells married women

Pastor Deborah Omale has given candid advice to women in Nigeria. Her words have ignited a fierce debate, with reactions pouring in from every corner of the country.

In a recent statement made by Pastor Omale, she suggested that women should refrain from engaging in daily disputes with their husbands, cautioning that such actions may drive men into the arms of other women. She emphasized the importance of granting husbands peace and happiness, even in the face of disagreements or grievances.

Pastor Omali’s message comes with a warning – the persistent bickering and discord could push husbands out of their homes, into the arms of other waiting women. This stark advice has left many Nigerians divided on the issue.


Pastor Omale’s advice has seen an outpouring of discussions on social media platforms.

truecrimedaniel: “Even if u don’t fight him every day, there are still plenty waiting for him outside… Who will cheat will cheat.. it has almost nothing to do with the other person.”

is_glams: “It is the kind of environment he creates that he will get. He cannot create an environment like ikorodu and be expecting to see Maldives.”

dear_hopeee: “So because they are plenty waiting for him outside, if he does something that hurts us constantly, we shouldn’t complain? These are the gatekeepers of Patriarchy. Tor”

babydoll_sugarcrunch: “There are loads of men waiting for women outside too… Everything is not about a foolish man… Men need to learn how to behave at home and differentiate home from outside… Your woman would not fight you if you make her happy… Let the feelings be mutual… Men need pampering, and at times, they need that fight for a reset to happen; they’re easily manipulated… That’s why you see them leaving their homes and kids to be with a strange woman… Shout if need be, shout, please… make nobody pressure you.”

laviva bae: “You people should stop this, please, it’s becoming annoying. What about the things men should do to make wives happy? Every time it’s about what a woman should do and what a woman shouldn’t do. Are we here just to live life and please a man?”






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