“Iyabo Ojo, don’t change your mouth; you once accused Naira Marley of killing Mohbad, and there is video evidence against you,” VeryDarkMan says

Again controversial online personality VeryDarkman blasts the living daylight out of actress Iyabo Ojo and music producer K-solo, following the manner in which they went about Mohbad’s case accusing Naira Marley and Sam Larry with out concrete evidence.

In the trending clip, VeryDarkman called out Iyabo Ojo and K-solo for being biased with the way they handled the Mohbad’s investigations, noting how they both deceived gullible-minded Nigerian youths.

In his words,” Does gistlovers know that Iyabo Ojo and K-solo are beginning to Change mouth knowing that the truth is almost coming out (See una queen Mother).

Oh and for Iyabo Ojo evidence against you are in this video Nigerian youths una must learn never to follow people sheepishly especially celebrities that don’t know their left from right , following the popular narrative to get clout ,you all will learn”.

Watch him speak below,

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TIME OF GIST reported earlier that Verydarkman has urged the Nigerian police to release Naira Marley and Samlarry stating that they have no connection with the death of late singer Mohbad.

Verydarkman revealed that the police have actually concluded their investigation on Naira Marley and Sam Larry and they don’t have any reasons to keep holding them .

Verydarkman still maintains his stand that the wife of Mohbad actually know what really happened to Mohbad.

He queried the motive of the people fighting to get justice for Mohbad,and why they are so eager to bring Naira Marley and Sam Larry down .

In his words,”The police will have to release Naira Marley and Sam Larry , and also the blood on Mohbad will hunt everyone that has deliberately hidden the truth .

It’s already happening sha (time will tell who really wanted justice from who was chasing clout and making money from off it by engagements)time will tell”.

Watch him speak below;

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