Iyabo Ojo is not Gistlover - Yomi Fabiyi reveals, gives reasons

Iyabo Ojo is not Gistlover – Yomi Fabiyi reveals, gives reasons

Nigerian actor and filmmaker Yomi Fabiyi stated that his colleague actress Iyabo Ojo is not the one running Gistlover blog, and gives his reasons.

The actor stated that the faceless blog “Gistlover” is a syndicate compromising of alot of people , with two major syndicates which are top Nollywood actresses.

Yomi Fabiyi further revealed that one if the actresses is in diaspora and the other is a well known Yoruba actress who is very close to actress Iyabo Ojo .

He stated that Iyabo Ojo is not Gistlover but also part of the imminent nemesis.

In his words,” The Gistlover blog is a syndicate because they don’t want one Ip,so tracking gets difficult,but very soon their cover will be blown open .

The two major players in the syndicate are two actresses :

1.A diaspora actress .The alias “Oba” derived from the line “Edunjubi Oba Omo” she is a twin. She started the blog as that is wo she really is before joining the industry. Sneaky ,shady, envious and delusional.

2.A top Yoruba actress who is of course very very close to Iyabo Ojo . Iyabo Ojo is not Gistlover but that person is also part of her imminent nemesis.

This TOP actress used to groom some terrible toxic fans on social media, their name fly around often. The actress enjoy setting her target up for bullying, knowing these reckless toddlers online have been bewitched to attack.

Suddenly you all notice you stop hearing about these fans and their ferocious attacks and support for this top Yoruba actress especially on instablog. Instablog no longer doing the assignment well, she needed to start her own through proxies.

Reason(s) you stop hearing those organised fans in the name of this actress is because virtually all of them have been directly and indirectly initiated and bewitched online to the blog as “vawulence HQ”.

This witchcraft and demonic spirit was well co-ordinated by some horrible, cursed human beings in the name of die hard fans then but some abandoned the cult. The only one left is equally part of the criminal syndicate and playing a key role in the administration of the blog.

Headlines always toxic, comment sections disdainfully toxic, then the fans, contributors and admirers will be. They commit crime gathering information, commit crime publishing, commit crime with identity etc. They will destroy many innocent teenagers and children before they are stopped. Whose children are and will be amongst, I don’t know.

Funds from extortion, blackmail, cover-up etc are what they are using to shoot movie, live large, fake success, charity etc.Tomorrow is pregnant”.

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TIME OF GIST reported earlier that Nigerian actor and filmmaker Yomi Fabiyi has decried the continuous detention of Naira Marley and Sam Larry by the police.

Recalls that the Lagos State Police Command announced it had taken into custody singer Naira Marley and Co, in connection with the controversial death of his former record label signee, Ilerioluwa Aloba, alias Mohbad.

Yomi Fabiyi has urged the Nigerian police to release Naira Marley and any others they are holding in detention following the controversial death of his former signee, Mohbad.

The actor said since it has elapsed 21 days, the police should either charge Naira Marley and any others to court or release them on bail.

In his words,” If the 21 working days have elapsed and by now the Police cannot charge Naira Marley or any to court, then stop violating their rights, RELEASE THEM ON BAIL, possibly to a strict and reliable sureties.

We can’t continue to use crime to correct to investigate crime. Everyone must live and abide by the law if we want to avoid MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE

The Police should as a matter of honesty, forthright policing and rule of law either charge those in detention(Naira Marley and co) to COURT, better still re-approach the court to seek further approval for more days as enshrined under the law and approved or grant them administrative bail pending when necessary for definite actions. Investigation can go on while they are on bail for heaven sake. Don’t mess up administration of criminal justice and judicial process. One step at a time.

It will eventually turn to hypocrisy and aiding criminality on our part as a society asking for justice and enforcement of equal human rights if we turn blind eyes to this blatant violation, be objective and not sentimental.

We all must be governed by the same set of rules. I AM NOT IN SUPPORT OF ANYTHING HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE just.Obey the law, so as to retain and preserve the dignity of the force. Respect the court. The people may look powerless now but remember things like this kill the economy, peace, development and patriotism more. Just do the right thing”.

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