Mohbad’s dad called me and said he wanted me to ask Mohbad’s wife mum some questions concerning his son’s money and property – Iyabo Ojo

Nigerian actress Iyabo Ojo, has revealed during her discussion with Daddy Freeze, that there is a significant battle going on between Mohbad’s dad and Wunmi’s family.

The cause of the fight is primarily about some properties the singer left behind. Iyabo also revealed that the singer’s father called her and noted that some properties are allegedly in the custody of Wunmi’s family, which is wrong.

The movie star also noted that Mohbad’s dad made hefty allegations against Wunmi, most of which disturbed her.

In her words,”Mohbad’s dad called me and first said thank you to everyone on our efforts in giving his son a befitting burial. Then he said he wanted me to ask Wunmi’s mum some questions concerning his son’s money and property. He said he bought his properties in his own name, why did Mohbad have to buy his in Liam’s name? I called Wunmi, she was crying that she was going through so much stress and she didn’t know why the dad was having issues with her.

She said they used to be close and that he once took her to the mountain to pray but problem started after Liam came. I asked her if Mohbad truly bought a property in his son’s name and she said Yes. She said that is the only property that is causing issues. The other property was the land where they buried Mohbad and the dad is in possession of it already. She said the house they are living now was not owned by Mohbad, it was rented. They moved in there in April this year. So I asked her about the money allegations because the dad said she used to transfer money from Mohbad’s phone to her mum’s account whenever he slept.

Wunmi’s sister then collected the phone from her and said whenever the dad is ready they will go to the bank and print out the bank statements to prove that wunmi never did anything of such. I advised them to settle the issue amicably within the family”.

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TIME OF GIST reported earlier that Mrs Abosede Aloba, the mother of deceased singer Ilerioluwa Aloba better known as Mohbad, on Wednesday told a coroner’s court that she didn’t have a close relationship with the singer earlier on.

Abosede said that she didn’t have a close relationship with Mohbad we earlier because of the soured relationship she had with Mohbad’s dad .

She, however revealed that she began to relate better with him in 2019.

She testified during a coroner’s inquest into the death of his son.

Recalls that the musician died on 12 September at the age of 27 and was buried the following day.

His death has generated controversies, prompting the Lagos State Government to direct a coroner’s inquest into the death.

Abosede said that she and Joseph the father of the late singer Mohbad,went to the residence of singer Naira Marley to ask him why he had been having a dispute with Mohbad.

The mother revealed he urged Mohbad to seek help from Pasuma because of the constant bullying and beating from Naira Marley,she said Pasuma promised to intervene.

Mrs Abosede Aloba said that Mohbad and his wife Wunmi fought always because of infidelity and that was the only complaint she got from his wife before his demise.

In her words,”I didn’t have a relationship with Mohbad for so many years because of the sour relationship I had with his dad but I reconnected with him in 2019. After he left the record label in 2022, He told me about how they used to beat him heavily every time.

There was a time they beat him so much that he landed at the hospital and I was with him all through. He told me not to say anything so that they would not k!ll me. I told him to call Pasuma to report Naira Marley because of the beatings and he did. Pasuma promised to intervene. The only person he ever had issues with was Naira Marley.

The video you saw where me and the dad were in his house, we went to meet him to know why he was having issues with our son. He and his wife, Wunmi used to fight a lot because of infidelity. That is the only complaint wunmi used to tell me about. She said my son liked women”.

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