Mohbad and Naira Marley

Mohbad’s lawyer gives update on his royalties with Marlian records

The lawyer of the late promising singer, Ileriouluwa Oladimeji Aloba professionally known as Mohbad has given an update on the case for his royalty.

His lawyer stated that the singer had some arrangements with Marlian Records which cannot be considered a Record Label agreement.

He noted how Mohbad released an Extended Play (EP) and several singles before he parted ways with the label to set up his label, Imolenization Limited.

His lawyer revealed that they were trying to retrieve his EPs and singles he made with Marlian Records before his untimely death, and they are still in court for it.

“Mohbad and the Marlian Records had some arrangements which I cannot term as a record label agreement yet. While he worked with them in some sense, he released an Extended Play (EP) and a number of singles. In October last year, he set up his own label, IMOLENIZATION LIMITED and he released an EP from which he received the revenue directly because he was the sole owner of the company. What we have been trying to retrieve prior to his demise and currently are the EP and singles he made while he was with the label. Those are still being controlled by the Marlian Records. That is what we have been in court trying to resolve when he was alive up until his demise and we are still in court for that”.


– Are they Saying they don’t know is not a Member b4 they set up a Panel on his case?

– Imagine….am too sure naira Marley is not a member either because he was his boss and was supposed to register him during signing of documents again, if mohbad was not a member then Naira Marley should be even more arrested for making fraudulent money in Nigeria system…

– If Marlian records can’t pay his royalties then they should remove all his songs from their selling /marketing platforms afterall his contract has ended since Jan 2023 or so……..Release his catalogue like Bella said 😢😢😢

– And family is engaged in properties dragging when Huge money (ROYALTIES) is on the verge of been forfeited..😢🤔

– Even the naira Marley it the perfect time to deal with him, for signing young artists without proper documentation and registration and also for dealing in illegal activities like that….

– Now naira Marley will have more money to fight the case and even deal with people….someone said in the past that, this is Nigeria where naira Marley will go freely from this case and even become a politician afterwards and even be a house member…..I think that person saw it all, Nigeria system is a joke, if am asked, it time every Nigeria youth old and young regardless of tribe religion and others to stand up and close this government because nothing good will ever come from these country Nigeria…….it time and the time is now and not tomorrow, youth stand up and if the youth don’t try brothers and sisters there will be No tomorrow





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  1. David Oye Avatar
    David Oye

    According to the lawyer, you said the agreement can’t be considered as record label agreement, the what agreement is that?
    secondly, you said you have been in court before his deminise, why can’t you win the case easily? Thirdly, this case will make bringing up young artist difficult in Nigeria. We just have to be to be fare with each other irrespective of the love you have for one person, but also consider the future opportunities that is been destroyed for the growing talents in the music industry. This will surely change the pattern and make it more difficult for the young talent’s.

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