Mohbad’s wife was not legally married to the late singer, so she didn’t have the right to claim Mohbad’s music assets- Kemi Olunloyo

The passing of Nigerian late singer Mohbad has raised a debate about the rights to his music assets, particularly regarding his wife’s claims to his intellectual property.

Recalls that, Mohbad’s father, Mr. Joseph Aloba reveals that, his late and his wife, Wunmi was not legally married.

Controversial journalist Kemi Olunloyo, has weighed in on the issue, asserting that Mohbad’s wife may not have legal grounds to claim his music assets due to the absence of a legal marriage.

She wrote, ” #BREAKING Barely 24hrs after I told Nigerians that Mohbad was not legally married to Wunmi, his father has now confirmed that all they did was a traditional introduction which Wunmi suddenly changed on the day of the event to an “engagement” She’s obviously a Black Widow and should not be allowed to lay claim to his music assets. This leaves Marlian music in a dilemma of who gets the royalties from the first album. Mr Aloba is on an interview marathon even confirming that the CCTV was working and deliberately disconnected, something I exclusively told you yesterday 10/27/23

As for the white cloth Wunmi threw into the grave, James Aloba said God exposed her because she had no idea he will be exhumed which corroborates with what my police interrogator source told me that she was NOT happy he was exhumed. He also mention that Mohbad’s landed property papers were with a police officer who is Wunmi’s mom. She has now become a conflict of interest and hence the fight at the graveyard. You can now see why GREEDY TONTO is unhappy that James Aloba is “talking too much” Keep talking sir📌📌📌 @nigeriapoliceforce ARREST WUNMI NOW‼️ Kemi Olunloyo Investigative Journalist.

Recalls that Joseph Aloba, the father of the late singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba, also known as Mohbad, says a paternity test is a non-negotiable requirement to determine his grandson’s true lineage.

Joseph Aloba further talked about Mohbad’s wife’s family, stating she has a very terrible family that was only after Mohbad’s wealth.
The father talked about how Wunmi would put drugs in Mohbad’s indomie so he could fall asleep any time she wanted to cheat on him with another man inside the Marlian Records house. He noted that Wunmi was an unfaithful wife to his son.

Joseph Aloba revealed that Wunmi and his late son Mohbad where never legally married ,he also queried why Wunmi is afraid of a DNA test if she doesn’t have any skeleton to hide in her cupboard.

In his words,” Mohbad was born on Jan 3, 1997 and not June 8, 1996. He was 26 years when he d!ed. Wunmi has a very terrible family. They were only after what they could get from him. They emptied everything my son had. Mohbad knew that it was only the carpentry job I had which I used to raise him up. When he became successful, he diverted all his money and property to his wife’s family. You will know it wasn’t natural. Then anytime she wanted to have s*x with another man in the marlian house, she would put sleeping pills in Mohbad’s indomie.

One day, the girlfriend of the guy she was sleeping with discovered their affair. She was the one that informed Mohbad about what was going on. Mohbad caught them and told me everything. After I took him out of The Marlian house and they started dating again, I knew he had been jazzed. It was her unfaithfulness to my son that made me dislike her but Mohbad insisted that she was the one he wanted to marry. When he d!ed, the police collected his phone from Wunmi for investigation. Wunmi and my son were not legally married. They only did traditional marriage. I don’t know why she is scared of doing DNA if she doesn’t have a skeleton in her cupboard. The DNA is a MUST. I want it done”.





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  1. Callisto St. Henry Avatar
    Callisto St. Henry

    Absolute rubbish, in Yoruba tradition under which they married, their marriage has the same legal standing as a court marriage. We Nigerian suffer from colonial mentality which is why we are so backward. Imagine a Yoruba person going on social media and saying that our traditional marriage and customs are inferior to a western marriage certificate. Shameful, no wonder white people always treat us like shit; it’s because we have no pride in our own culture

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