Mohbad's wife, Wunmi, speaks on his last show at Ikorodu and how he fought with his childhood friend Prime Boy

Mohbad’s wife, Wumi narrates what happened between Mohbad and his childhood friend, Primeboy at Ikorodu

During the corona inquest into the controversies surrounding the death of the Nigerian singer Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, Omawumi, she made some revelations on how she followed him to ikorodu show and what transpired between the late singer on his friend Primeboy.

Omawumi’s evidence suggests that a fight Imole had with his friend Prime Boy had an impact on the circumstances leading up to his death.She said that Mohbad was hurt on Sunday, September 10, 2023, when he got into a battle with Prime Boy in Ikorodu.

She mentioned they couldn’t get out of Ikorodu because of the crowd surrounding their car.

Then, her husband instructed Prime Boy to tell Adura Aloba, his younger brother, to notify the bouncer that they were leaving. However, he was asked to wait until the other performers had finished.

Mohbad was frustrated because he had to wait around for two hours. Prime Boy knew Mohbad’s brother had been nasty to him, but the deceased claimed he couldn’t publicly reprimand his brother.

Wunmi claims that she overheard the argument between Mohbad and Prime Boy while sitting between them. After Prime Boy called Mohbad by a name he despised in public—”Promise”—Mohbad promptly exited the vehicle to confront him.

Omawumi said that when she saw the argument, she quickly left the car to call for help and didn’t know what transpired between the two friends.

Part of her statement reads,” I followed Mohbad to the Ikorodu show with our son, Liam. Primeboy was also with us in the same car. We got there at about 7pm and Mohbad performed at 9pm. I sat in the car with Liam. When Mohbad finished his performance, he wanted to enter the car when his fans surrounded him and started screaming his name. He brought out N100,000 and gave them. Still the fans did not let him be so he told someone to call a bouncer to disperse them. Before the bouncer came, he entered the car with primeboy. I sat down in their middle. When the fans were still complaining they wanted more money, Mohbad sent his younger brother to go break down some cash so he could give them but he took so long before he came back. This made Prime boy furious and he scolded Mohbad’s brother and that one insulted him back.

Primeboy now turned to Mohbad and said your brother is insulting me in your presence and you are not saying anything. I can never allow my own younger brother to insult you. This led to a big argument between Prime boy and Mohbad. Along the line, Prime boy said ‘Mohbad shut up’. That statement infuriated Mohbad, he came out of the car, went to Prime boy’s side and opened the door. When Mohbad got out of the car, I also got down to call the other guys that followed us who were in the second prado so they could settle the fight. By the time I got back, I saw some crowd already trying to intervene between them and I saw a wound in his hand. They told me he punched the glass window of the prado”.

TIME OF GIST reported earlier that 37-year-old auxiliary nurse named Fisayo Ogedengbe, who was arrested in connection with the controversial death of singer Ilerioluwa Aloba, also known as Mohbad, has been sent back to custody by the Lagos State Magistrates’ Court in Yaba.

Allegedly, the nurse administered injections to the late singer, resulting in his death.

Similarly, the magistrate, Adeola Olatunbosun, ordered that Ayobani Sadiq, a friend of Mohbad who is also being held as a suspect in the case, should be returned to police custody.

According to the police, the investigation on the case is still ongoing, hence Olatunbosun adjourned the case till November 29 for DPP advice.





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