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‘Naira Marley and his boys k1lled Mohbad before his death” –Mohbad’s wife Wunmi speaks



'Naira Marley and his boys kill Mohbad before his death" – Late singer’s wife Omowunmi discloses

Cynthia Omowumi Aloba, wife of late Afrobeat singer Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, on Tuesday, told the Lagos Coroner, Magistrate Adedayo Shotobi, investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of her husband how Naira Marley and his boy’s bullied Mohbad to his death.

Cynthia Omowumi Aloba revealed that after her late husband Mohbad left Marlian Records, Naira Marley and his boy’s came after Mohbad and they bullied him everywhere. She stated that Naira Marley and his boy’s already killed him inside before his death.

She said that when Mohbad was still in Marlian Records he complained that his manager at Marlian Records was giving out all his shows to other artists while Naira Marley wasn’t promoting all his songs, yet he promoted other artists. Mohbad complained, but Naira Marley didn’t listen to him, and he felt like Naira Marley was burying his talent and got tired, then decided to leave Marlian Records.

She further revealed that they had nothing until bella Shmurda came to their rescue.

Part of her statement reads,”After Mohbad left The Marlian’s record label, Naira Marley and his boys were always bul*ying him everywhere. They already k!lled him before his de*th. He was always living in fear. When Moh was with them he complained that his manager was always giving his shows out to other artistes. Naira refused to promote all the songs Moh was releasing yet he was promoting other artiste’s songs.

MOH complained to Naira about this but Naira still refused to promote his songs. He became depressed because of this. He told Naira that he was just burying his talent and that why were his own songs not being promoted by the label. This really affected Moh a lot and he had emotional trauma. This was the major reason why he left the label. When he left the label, he had zero naira in his bank account. Things were so tough and rough for us. It was Bella Shmurda that fed and housed us. We had nothing if not for Bella that came to our rescue”.

TIME OF GIST reported earlier that Omowunmi Aloba, the wife of late Nigerian singer IleriOluwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, has told the Coroner Inquest sitting in Lagos State that there are reasons why Mohbad wasn’t taking him to the hospital initially before he died.
The wife revealed that the late singer Mohbad had a phobia for hospitals after his encounter with NDLEA, where he claimed he was given something poisonous to drink while he was in their custody.

She said he was so scared of the hospital to the extent that when she was to have her birthday, he convinced her to deliver at home.

In her words,”The reason why we didn’t take Mohbad to the hospital earlier was because he had a phobia for hospitals ever since the NDLEA issue happened that they gave him water and he landed at the hospital He was so scared of the hospital to the extent that when my delivery date was due, he was persuading me to deliver at home all because he didn’t want to enter the hospital. When Mohbad started vomiting and becoming weak and I screamed for help, someone offered to drive us to the hospital. As we were on our way to the hospital, It was me, Mohbad, Mohbad’s cameraman and one other guy that were in the vehicle with the driver.

We sat at the back with Mohbad making efforts to save his life. The driver stretched his hand to the back and held Mohbad’s hand. Then he told us that the hand was very cold. By then we had entered into traffic. We had to stop a bike man. One of the guys was with Mohbad in the bike while I took another bike and was following them. We got to the hospital and rushed him in.

The doctor and nurses attended to him immediately. After about 15 mins, the doctor came out and told us Mohbad was de*d. I was like what do you mean by de*d? Is that how people d!e? Someone that was still gisting with me some hours ago. What could have k!lled him? I didn’t believe the doctor. By then I already called Mohbad’s cousin who was in Ajah to come over. He got to the hospital after 20mins. Then we rushed Mohbad to another hospital and the doctor said he was brought in de*d”.


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