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“Nigerians have focused more on Naira Marley and Samlarry, thereby ignoring Wumi, the only person Mohbad listen to was wumi”- Nigerian man



"Nigerians have focused more on Naira Marley and Samlarry,thereby ignoring Wunmi"- Nigerian man

A trending video of a Nigerian man claiming he met Naira Marley before his arrest in connection to the controversial death of his former signee Mohbad surfaces online. 

The man claimed Naira Marley told him that Sam Larry and Mohbad were very close,and he doesn’t know what happened between Sam Larry and Mohbad. he revealed Naira Marley told him he never bullied Mohbad, and as a matter of fact,when Mohbad left his record label, they never saw each other again.

The man said Naira Marley revealed that Mohbad’s wife, Wunmi, knows everything that happened; at least she knows 95% of all the dealings in Mohbad’s life.

He also revealed how Mohbad always listened to his wife Wunmi and how manipulative the wife was to Mohbad, noting that he doesn’t listen to anyone unless his wife. He noted that Wunmi has a lot more questions to answer than Naira Marley and Samlarry.
In his words,”I met with Naira Marley before he went back to Nigeria and I asked him why he allowed Sam Larry to be bul*ying and beating Mohbad. He told me that Mohbad and Sam were extremely close to the extent that when he was still under his record label, Sam would have booked him for a show outside the country and Moh would not inform him until a day to his flight.

He said if he is lying, people should ask Wunmi. He said he didn’t interfere in their affair. Naira said Wunmi knew 95% of what was happening to Mohbad and that he had nothing against Moh. He said if he had anything against Moh, he would have taken back the car he bought for him. He said ever since Moh left the label, they never met and he never sent any threat message to him, wunmi can testify. I told him that Nigerians would think Sam was fighting for you by beating Mohbad everywhere. You should have cleared your name before he d!ed. He said truly, Moh’s dad came to see him in the house and that even Moh didn’t respect his own father or listen to him. The only person he listened to was wunmi. Whatever Wunmi said was always the final in Moh’s life.

There were so many things she has made him to do but Naira said he couldn’t be putting mouth in husband and wife’s affair. Wunmi has a lot to answer than Naira or Sam. Mohbad’s dad is powerless. Even when his son d!ed they didn’t regard him enough to inform him on time. Nigerians have focused too much on Naira and Sam thereby ignoring Wunmi”.

Watch him speak below;

TIME OF GIST reported earlier that Controversial social media activist Verydarkman drag’s the living daylight out of Mohbad’s wife Wunmi after she earlier claimed she had done a DNA test on their son, Liam.

Recalls that following the controversial death of Mohbad, a cross-section of Nigerians has been demanding for a DNA test on his son, Liam to ascertain his true paternity.

Verydarkman blasts the wife of the late singer after she earlier claimed she had done the DNA test. He claims Wunmi, the wife of Mohbad, paid blogs to lie that she had done the DNA test. 
Verydarkman, who has always painted her as the number one prime suspect in the controversial death of Mohbad, said she still has a lot to explain to the public because it was her that initially triggered the youths to protest over the death of Mohbad after she released videos implicating Naira Marley.

Part of his statement reads,”Imagine the faces of the people that said they have done DNA test , imagine the faces of the people that insulted me that period they they have paid Twitter blogger.

Even Ojb recent confirmed that they did DNA test , even alot of celebrities confirmed,if you don’t know what is going on at this point you can never have sense “.

Watch him speak below;

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